MagFree Transform
3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charger
Versatile, Transformable, Unrivaled

Welcome to the cutting edge of fast wireless charging technology. Introducing the INVZI MagFree, the only charger you'll ever need. With a revolutionary rotation design, it's the unique magnetic wireless charger you've never seen before.

Innovation Design
Transforms from Flat to Stand

MagFree 3-in-1 Transform.png__PID:397d9d3a-bc9c-46c8-86e4-3c447b81ff7c

At INVZI, we believe in pushing boundaries. The MagFree is our latest leap forward, boasting a transformable design that shifts from a charging pad to a stand in an instant, ensuring your iPhone 15 and Apple Watch are powered up quickly and efficiently with 15W and 5W fast charging capabilities, respectively.

Simultaneous Charging
Powers 3 Devices at Once


15W Fast Charging for iPhone 15


5W Fast Charging for Apple Watch


Revolutionizing Wireless Charging

MagFree Transform 3-in-1 Charger.gif__PID:8378cb7d-c21e-4d63-8347-c4909bd3d6b0

Sleek and modern, the MagFree is a statement piece that doesn't just charge your devices - it enhances your space. Its ultra-portable and lightweight design means you can take it anywhere, transforming any place into a charging station.

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