Good Design Stands Out
 Great Design is Invisible

At INVZI, we believe in designing tech products that blend elegantly into your home or office. Simplicity, minimalism and clean lines make the basis of our design philosophy. Our mission is designing technology that becomes elegantly invisible in your daily life. 

Our Origins

In 2017, Dr. Tony Jiang left his job at the Silicon Valley tech brand once valued at $3 billion. With his Mechanical Engineering Doctor Degree in IC Electronic Packaging and consumer electronic products design experience, he left to launch his own vision.
After years in the industry, Tony had learned that many consumers choose tech products for their design. However, bulky chargers, stands, cases, cables and accessories ruin the clean aesthetic they strive for. He set out to design and manufacture innovated consumer electronic products matching the elegance of MacBooks, iPhones, iPads and more.


By 2020, Tony had designed a product that perfectly realized his vision: The world's first power hub combining 100w GaN USB-C charging with all-in-one connection for laptops, phones and tablets. Instead of putting his design in the hands of investors, he wanted the customers to take intimate part the design process. Together with almost $350K and 4000 backers on IndieGoGo, he took his design from concept to award winning tech innovation. The campaign was a huge success. So much so, that when the time came to launch the second product it happen as another crowdfunding project — this time on Kickstarter. That campaign went on to exceed its goal over 30x times. Crowdfunding shaped our products to our customers’ needs and design preferences — an ethos that remains at the heart of everything we do.

Commitment to Quality & Reliability

While at Silicon Valley, Tony had become a Certified Reliability Engineer by the American Society for Quality. This dedication to reliable performance formed the foundation of all INVZI products. Great design does not make superior products on its own. The products also must deliver above and beyond the customers’ expectations in terms of function, performance and durability. As a company, we are committed to developing innovative, functional and discrete products that solve problems without creating new ones. We use the highest quality materials and solid construction to create dependable and long-lasting designs. We develop all our products from the ground up to provide maximum utility and performance without unnecessary design features.

Award Winning Innovation

Today, INVZI offers a range of award winning consumer electronic products for daily life. Our designs have won awards for innovation at the world’s most influential tech event, the CES®, in both 2021 and 2022. The Consumer Electronics Show® is the world’s largest electronics expo. The Consumer Technology Association® has for more than 50 years awarded prices for the greatest innovations in the tech industry. The past 2 years, INVZI has taken home awards for our crowdfunded designs:

2022 CES® Innovation Award for MagHub SSD Docking Station
2021 CES® Innovation Award for 9-in-1 100W GaN USB-C Power Hub

We continue to solve the charging and connection needs with intelligent, elegant and undetected/invisible solutions.

Discover Our Design Philosophy And Products That Blend Seamlessly In With Style Of Your Home.