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Our Origins

The story of INVZI begins with Dr. Tony Jiang, a mechanical engineering doctor from HKUST with experience in consumer electronic product design. In 2017, he left Jawbone at a Silicon Valley that was once valued at $3 billion to pursue his own vision.
And thus, INVZI was born. The name itself, "INVZI" represents the desire to make technology invisible in your daily life, allowing people to focus on what really matters in their lives. From the very beginning, Dr. Tony assembled a team of like-minded individuals who shared his passion for creating technology that is intuitive, easy to use, and above all, unobtrusive. Together, they set out to build a company that would push the boundaries of what was possible, challenging themselves to think outside the box and innovate in ways that had never been done before. At INVZI, the team believes that technology should enhance our lives, not detract from them. They are constantly exploring new ways to make their products more intuitive, seamless, and user-friendly, so that people can spend less time fiddling with gadgets and more time enjoying the things that truly matter.
As INVZI grew, the company became known for its cutting-edge products and innovative approach to design. Its products quickly gained a loyal following among tech enthusiasts, who appreciated the company's focus on simplicity and ease of use.
Today, INVZI continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in technology, constantly seeking new ways to make it more invisible and integrated into our lives. With Dr. Tony at the helm, the company is poised to continue leading the way in this exciting new era of tech innovation.


In 2020, INVZI launched the first product, GaNHub: the World's First 100W Gallium Nitride (GaN) power hub that combines 100w GaN fast charging technology with all-in-one hub functions. It has 9 ports to connect laptop with 100W Max PD charging, extend display with 4K@60Hz HDMI, internet cable with Gigabits ethernet, flash drive, keyboards, SD/Micro SD cards, audio and other devices all at the same time. GaNHub has foldable US plug compatible with EU/UK/AU universal travel adapters, so it can be used anywhere. The multi-functional GaNHub is designed to be the perfect all-in-one solution for laptop, tablet and phone. With the help of almost $350,000 US and 4000 backers on Indiegogo, we were able to take our design from concept to reality.

Award Winning Innovation

Our designs have won awards for innovation at the world's most influential tech event, the CES, in both 2021 and 2022. The Consumer Electronics Show is the world's largest electronics expo, and the Consumer Technology Association has been awarding prizes for the greatest innovations in the tech industry for over 50 years. In the past two years, INVZI has taken home awards for our crowdfunded designs, including the 2021 CES Innovation Award for our GaNHub® 9-in-1 100W GaN USB-C Power Hub and the 2022 CES Innovation Award for the MagHub® SSD Docking Station.

2022 CES® Innovation Award for MagHub SSD Docking Station
2021 CES® Innovation Award for 9-in-1 100W GaN USB-C Power Hub

At INVZI, we are dedicated to creating innovative, functional, and elegant tech products that make your life simpler and more beautiful. Discover our design philosophy and products that blend seamlessly in with the style of your home by exploring our range of award-winning consumer electronic products for daily life.

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