INVZI MagHub - Pop Up SSD USB-C Docking Station for MacBook Pro/Air

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  • Award-winning Innovation: MagHub won the CES2022 Innovation Awards Honoree, making it the world's first pop-up SSD USB-C docking station for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air.
  • Make Connections Better than Ever: The INVZI MagHub unique 12-in-2 aluminum design allows you to optimize your MacBook's performance, with built-in magnets that securely attach it to your device for added convenience.
  • Upgrade your Storage: With the innovated pop-up SSD enclosure, you can easily share data between devices and upgrade up to 4TB of memory with M.2 SATA and NVME SSD compatibility.
  • Dual 4K@60Hz Displays: MagHub supports resource-demanding applications with dual 4K@60Hz displays through HDMI and DP 1.4. (MST for MacBook with Intel Chip and ONLY single display with Apple M1 Chip
  • Connect All Your Devices: With up to 12 ports, including RJ45, USB 3.2 10Gbps, SD/Micro SD slots, HDMI and more, the MagHub allows you to connect almost all devices at once.
  • What You Get: INVZI MagHub Pop-up SSD Docking Station, Magnetic Strip, SSD Enclosure, User Manual, 12-month warranty and trouble-free customer service by INVZI.
Size: 16-inch MagHub (For MacBook Pro 16")

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Pop-up SSD Docking Station for MacBook Pro/Air 

CES Innovation Award Product

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Maximize MacBook Productivity: Transforming Your MacBook into an Advanced Workstation

INVZI MagHub is the World‘s First Pop-Up SSD USB-C Docking Station for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. MagHub won the CES2022 Innovation Awards Honoree at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Les Vegas, USA. With 12-in-2 premium aluminum design, INVZI MagHub transforms the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air into a workstation. INVZI MagHub features everything you need to make the most of your MacBook: Built-in portable SSD Aluminum Enclosure up to 4TB with high speed 1000Mb/s, USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps, USB-A 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbps, Dual Extend Display with 2 X HDMI and 1 X DP 4k@60Hz supporting MST, SD/Micro-SD card readers, and Gigabit Ethernet port. With Built-in magnets, it can be attached under the MacBook by magnetic tape with heat insulating materials. With innovated pop-up SSD, you can share data to all your devices.

Revolutionary Design: Pop-Up SSD with Unique Feature

Removable SSD with Speeds up to 10Gbps and 4TB Capacity

Aluminum SSD Enclosure Compatible with NVMe & SATA SSD

Ultimate Connectivity Hub: 12-in-2 USB-C Docking Station with High-Speed 10Gbps 

Protective Magnetic PU Tape: Insulating Your MacBook from Heat

Enhancing MacBook Functionality with Magnetic Back Attachment

Seamless MacBook Docking
Cable-Free Perfection with Sleek Design

Tech Specs 
InputDual USB-C Ports
PortsPop Up SSD Enclosure: compatible with M.2 PCI-E NVMe & SATA up to 4TB, 1000Mbps high speed, SSD Memory Size: 22x42/22x60/22x80
USB-C1: 100W PD fast charging
USB-C2: USB-C 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
USB-C3: USB-C 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps
HMDI 1+DP 1: Support HDMI2.0, Max 4K@60Hz, HDCP1.4/2.2, MST mode for MacOS with Intel Chip/Windows (MacBook M1/M2 only supports ONE external display)
HDMI 2: Support HDMI2.0, Max 4K@60Hz, HDCP1.4/2.2, MST mode for MacOS with Intel Chip/Windows (MacBook M1 only supports ONE external display)
Gigabit Ethernet: Support 1Gbps, 100/10Mbps
USB-A1: USB-A 3.2 Gen2 10Gbps
USB-A2: USB-A 3.1 Gen1 5Gbps
SD/Micro SD: Support SD/SDHC/SDXC, SD3.0 UHS-I, up to 104MB/S, up to 4TB
Energy SavingON/OFF Switch
SizeMagHub 13-inch: Compatible for MacBook Pro14-inch, MacBook Pro 13-inch 2016-2023 and MacBook Air 2018-2022
MagHub 16-inch: Compatible for MacBook Pro 16-inch 2016-2023
MaterialAluminum Alloy
ColorSpace Gray
Weight10.5 ounces
What's in the Box1 x MagHub with SSD Enclosure
1 x Magnetic PU Tape

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